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knit the hell out More obsessed with each passing stitch.

Dennis Hoffman wood buttons zebrawood buttons

This beautiful sweater was knitted by Cassandra Dominick @

The button is available here ....

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Going Green

Dennis Hoffman

Wooden buttons: Going green with style

When it comes to modern commerce, the global marketplace has started to embrace the concept of “going green”. It is true that there have always been companies and organizations which have focused on producing products with minimal negative ecological effects. The wood buttons created by Buttonwood Corp offer a naturally beautiful and eco-friendly way of producing unique trims.

Using nature fairly, doesn't come naturally

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Wood buttons vs Polyester Buttons

Dennis Hoffman polyester buttons wood buttons

Wood Buttons Vs. Polyester
How unique are your buttons?
When it comes to garment buttons, many of us tend to overlook any craftsmanship involved.  That's because 90% of all buttons are made from synthetic Polyester.... streamed out by the millions without much connection to a human being, just coldly machine made. Our staff sweats over each button turned from The pride that goes into our manufacturing can be much overlooked. However, here are a few arguments to show you how wooden buttons make for a better product.

Polyester vs. Wood Buttons
Polyester is common.....for one reason......cheapo cheap!
One problem with polyester...

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Keepsake Envelope

Dennis Hoffman

Save your baby’s precious firsts in our beautiful, handmade Keepsake envelopes made exclusively by Two Giggles and fit into any of our three-ring baby books.. Room to put your matching hospital bracelets, baby announcements, photos, first haircut clippings and more. Available at


You can also purchase this button right here at via this link

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The Wonderful World of Wood.....Buttons that is......

Dennis Hoffman

 What does it take to operate a wooden button factory in this day and age?....pretty much what our Dad and his brothers had to figure out 60 years ago.....only back then there was a terrific network of technical support players that helped with the mechanics and engineering of production. Today 98% of those guys are gone and you're on your own in the world of USA manufacturing. But you learn how to make everything yourself and it all works somehow.

The wood still comes in one door, buttons go out the other!


In between, we cut, turn, drill, tumble.....stock the raw...

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