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Going Green

Dennis Hoffman

Wooden buttons: Going green with style

When it comes to modern commerce, the global marketplace has started to embrace the concept of “going green”. It is true that there have always been companies and organizations which have focused on producing products with minimal negative ecological effects. The wood buttons created by Buttonwood Corp offer a naturally beautiful and eco-friendly way of producing unique trims.

Using nature fairly, doesn't come naturally

You may have heard the term eco-friendly being used more and more frequently, but what does this term really mean? Of course there's a tie to the economy in a positive fashion, but one needs to understand what a true natural product is in order to understand the impact non-eco-friendly businesses have upon our world.

Eco-friendly products are not only made of non-toxic materials, but constructed in such a way as to reduce waste and carbon footprints. Factories that use a great deal of synthetics as well as chemical processes in production are not eco-friendly. Yet, more and more we see that just because these goods are non-toxic, after production, companies sometimes label them eco-friendly. Some have even gone so far as to state that their products are a “green” product.

“Green” products are those that give back to the natural state of the world or use all natural raw materials so as not to contribute to pollution and waste. Our wood buttons are one such product. They come from the lumber of trees that are responsibly harvested, not just randomly brought down. For every 2 trees cut down in Central Maine, 3 are planted. This is also known as a renewable resource. One that will last as long as the sun shines and the rain falls. No chemical formulas, just an all natural environment that we are lucky enough to have here on good 'ol Planet Earth.

A threefold method to keeping things green

When creating a finished product there are three major steps which need to be considered; pre-production, production, and waste management. Products which fail to consider the environment in all three areas aren't considered “green” products.

Pre-Production and Harvesting

The central and primary flaw of non-wooden buttons is the materials which are required to make them. Many of these use polyester, nylon, metal or other substances that require synthetic compounds and chemicals to make the "stuff" which will ultimately form these buttons. The waste from this process is not Bio-Degradable and end up polluting the ground and water they come in contact with.  Very very bad for the planet and its inhabitants!

Wood buttons require only wood from the timber and finishes that are child safe in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission standards of 2009. That means you can swallow one of our buttons and you'll be ok. They're 100% non-toxic. We can provide anyone with the names and manufacturers (All in the USA) of our child safe finishes. 



Production of our wooden buttons in its most simplistic form means that raw wood lumber comes in thru Door A......we cut, turn and polish it into finished wood buttons and they go out Door B.

Of course it's a bit more complicated, but these are the secrets of the trade. More importantly is that these procedures require the use of no harmful additives. ConEd powers the machinery to shape the wood and lubricating oils are used to ensure that the equiptment runs smoothly. Consider those simple actions vs. the large corporations that release harmful gases into the air from the chemical processes of making their synthetic materials that go to other button factories.

Waste management

One of the most overlooked issues with any product is the waste management. Where it is true that some companies will state that they dispose of their waste efficiently, this does not mean that they do so in an eco-friendly manner. Proper disposal can be considered as taking the material to the dump as opposed to emptying the waste into a river or nature preserve. Such a broad term has misled many people. If the waste is going to a landfill, the disposal is really not efficient as it only contributes more to the spoiling of our environment.

Wood waste can easily be returned to nature or re-used in many safe ways. From providing wooden shavings for playgrounds or mulch for gardens excess wood can be used in an eco-friendly manner. Furthermore, products containing wooden buttons when discarded will at the least mean the buttons are bio-degrade. Plastics and synthetics cannot make this claim.

From pre-production to long after the product has been made has ensured that their products are not only eco-friendly, but true green products. Ranging in style and function, you are sure to find a design that fits with whatever product you may be developing. We encourage you to visit our website to see what services and products we can produce for you.

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