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Large Wood Button-Slight Cup Front # 603- 1 3/8" & 1 3/4" $/DZ.


The large sizes of #603 feature a wide space of Slightly Cupped Front and rounded back. This terrific sweater button is turned, drilled and stained in our factory in Brooklyn, USA.

Our stains and finishes conform to all regulations set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for low levels of lead, nickel and phthalates.

Dry Clean stained buttons.

Big Buttons in our “Large Diameter” group are fun and create a tremendous visual impression on any bag or garment design.

Whenever I see a movie from the 40s I’m struck how the eye moves to the huge buttons used by designers of that era. I call them Bette Davis buttons.

If you’re watching a film and know nothing about it, once you see a large button on the female star’s dress you know you’re in Hollywood’s Golden age….WWII… noir… any of those great genres from that time all have a fashion common denominator……three or four huge buttons on a dress that can be seen on a small TV screen.

Our “big wood” can achieve the same effect.

Price shown is for 1 dozen pieces

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