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Wood Button w/Rolled Rim Rounded Back 662-5/8" 3/4" 7/8" 1 3/8" Price is for 12 Pieces


This style 662 features a "rolled" rim for a soft, subtle effect. 

Ddry cleaned only

Turned, drilled and stained in our factory in Brooklyn, USA of the finest Maine harvested American Birch wood.


What’s so special about our stained wood buttons?

Our wood buttons, wood toggles and wood beads are child safe and nontoxic, a claim that can only be made if you are using stains, thinners and lacquers made under strict CPSC regulations.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission demands safe levels of lead, nickel and phthalate. Material compliance certificates proving our adherence are all available for inspection.

Your peace of mind can only be assured with the knowledge that our wood buttons are not made in some strange place overseas using illicit labor and dangerous additives.

Our online wood button store, whether we’re selling large wood buttons for coats or small wood buttons for shirts, besides looking great, must be safe for the public.

My brother and I are proud to say our wood buttons are made safe right here in our factory in Brooklyn, USA with All-American components.

Price shown is for 1 dozen pieces

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