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About Us

Our History and Our Planet......

Buttonwood Corp. (formerly Duplex Novelty) has been a family business in continuous operation since 1939.

Dad and his two brothers were the epitome of a small 20th Century manufacturing firm: union workers and hard working entrepreneurs joining to create a unique niche producing wooden apparel trim in NYC's fabled garment center for over 40 years. 

When we joined the company in the '70s, we brought fresh ideas like laminated wood, Tagua Nut (Corozo) and bead accessories to an already solid line-up of buttons, toggles and buckles.

By 1999, "Made in the USA" garment labels became a thing of the past, with many of our apparel designers pulling up stakes for Asia. But we decided to stay right here in Brooklyn, N. Y.  We wanted to prove that with the right kind of raw material, fairly paid wages and benefits an American button manufacturer could still compete and prosper in a global economy! 


As the Millenium passed,  we worked with our lumber mills to certify the wood we used was planet friendly.

We went on to implement the "Cut 2 /////// Plant Three" method of harvesting timber, doing our bit to insure this lovely natural resource is still here hundreds, if not thousands, of years after we're gone.

All the best to our hard working customers,

Steven and Dennis Hoffman