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Wood Toggle- "Cigar" style w/Staple Shank (265- 1 1/4") $/DZ.


This is our Small Cigar Wood Toggle. A Limited Edition in bright, painted colors !   

The stock  265 1 1/4" comes with a staple shank attachement. 2-Hole and Pin shank also available (see below)

Made in Brooklyn.

Meets all CPSC standards. Dry Clean only.

Our selection of wood toggles is the widest in the world of buttons. More styles, more sizes then even the largest button factories found round the world.  Turned from the finest woods of central Maine in our veteran owned family factory.

Button closures of wood toggles are a big, bold design statement that can make a garment stand out like few other pieces of trim.
We offer three kinds of attachment solutions that also factor into your design. 
If you want the thread or yarn to standout in the style, we suggest "2-hole" where they will be seen laying across the front of the toggle.  In our "pin shank" attachment, a tiny brass pin head sits on the center of the piece giving it slightly more luxurious touch (which is appropriate considering it costs more then the others!) with a brass loop in the back. The third kind of attachment is a steel staple shank that is rammed into the back side of a toggle to create a hard to see sewing loop... when you want your toggle to simply "float" on the garment or bag with little visible means of connection to your apparel style.

Price shown is for 1 dozen pieces

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